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Soon, hundreds of thousands of small employers will have to choose a pension scheme for their staff. If you want impartial, expert help in making a good choice then take a look at Pension PlayPen.

Alan Higham, CEO Retirement Angels

Pension PlayPen offers great information about workplace pensions to all employers, big or small, while also acting as a platform for open competition between providers.

Dr Debra Price, Gerontologist, King's College London

How it works - in three simple steps...


  • your employer duties
  • what's good and bad in a workforce pension
  • who you need to enrol
  • how much this will cost your business


  • quotes from all major providers
  • payroll/provider/middleware software options
  • contribution costs options
  • special terms for different industries


  • select your pension provider
  • communicate with your staff/ unions/auditors
  • integrate HR and Payroll
  • certify your decision with a leading actuary

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Why use us

Bringing actuarial advice to everybody

We have the support of a crack team of actuaries that know what to look out for when it comes to accessing a provider's proposition.
This allows us to provide:

  • Rankings that allow us to order results
  • Fact sheets with star ratings for all providers
  • Weightings to help judge the pension
We don't take commission or back-handers; honesty is our policy

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Save time, and let us find your workplace pension, with no obligation

  • Learn everything you need to know
  • Free workforce assessment
  • Specific quotes from providers
  • Connect to your choosen provider

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  • Full audit trail of the process you have undertaken
  • Detailed report on how you made your decision
  • Certification from a leading actuarial firm, giving you peace of mind for the future

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