Workforce Assessment

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One of the trickiest parts of auto-enrolment is assessing your staff so that you know who qualifies and what it will all cost your business. Our free service does it all for you with just some simple payroll information.



Find out who should be automatically enrolled

If you have staff that are on PAYE it is likely that you will have to enrol some of them. We will show you how your workforce is divided between Eligible jobholders, Non-eligible jobholders and Entitled workers. The calculations are all done for you and all you need to do is input the required data. Please remember all your information will remain secure and confidential.

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How much will auto-enrolment cost your business?

You can contribute to your workforce pensions using one of a choice of different contribution models. These models each have a minimum percentage you must pay. We will tell you how much the main three types of contribution methods will cost so that you can see the impact on the total contributions you will pay.





Using phasing you can gradually increase the payments over 3 years

The government recognises that the introduction of auto-enrolment creates new costs to your business. To help you manage these costs you are allowed to increase the contributions in steps over a three-year period. This allows employers and workers to build up their contributions gradually from the company's staging date through to October 2018.



Postponement allows you to start making payments up to 3 months after staging

You can choose to postpone auto-enrolment for up to three months for some or all of your staff. If you do postpone, you must write to your staff to tell them you are postponing auto-enrolment for them. A legitimate reason to postpone might be that it is taking you longer than anticipated to integrate your payroll systems.

Workforce Assessment
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If you are a professional helping your client with auto-enrolment, Pension PlayPen can help you select a workplace pension scheme, produce a comprehensive suitability report and provide an actuarial certificate, all at a fraction of the price of traditional methods. With our easy to use Choose a Pension service you can keep your clients compliant in a highly cost effective way.

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