About Pension PlayPen

Started for the good of SMEs

We were founded by Henry Tapper who has a real passion for pensions. The financial services industry has a history of making pensions complicated, opaque and expensive. We want to change that. We will help you understand what makes for a good workplace pension and help you choose the right one for your organisation.

Small businesses have a tough enough time as it is. We were worried that people would forget that the pension is the most important part of auto-enrolment. It's not about payroll; that's just the grease to get it going!


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Where our research comes from

All of our website analytics are produced by First Actuarial, a leading UK actuarial consultancy. First Actuarial are fully independent of the pension providers and have many years experience of advising employers on their pension requirements. They are shareholders in Pension PlayPen and committed to our vision of providing employers with the means to select a good workplace pension in a simple and cost effective way.

At First Actuarial we always want the best for our clients

With large numbers of employers who need to set up workplace schemes for auto-enrolment it was clear to us that a more advanced and innovative service was needed. We have worked closely with Pension PlayPen to build a robust and reliable system which will deliver great outcomes for the employers who use it and at a highly cost effective price.

Mark Riches, Founder of First Actuarial and Non-executive Director of Pension PlayPen

Executive team

Henry Tapper

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Martin Conder

Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Walker

Chief Operating Officer

Stella Eastwood


Mark Riches

Non-Exexutive Director
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