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Let’s rate our pension - Steps

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We have set out a number of areas that we think are important in rating your existing workplace pension or pensions. You can do this by giving each factor a number between 0 and 100% so that the total of all of these numbers is 100.

Because you may feel some of these factors are more important than others we suggest you give some more weight (more importance) than others.

The more important a particular factor is to you, the higher the number you should give it.

If, in an extreme case, all that mattered to you was the quality of administration you would give that factor the number 100 and all other factors 0.

To help you decide, or if you can’t decide on the relative importance, we show below the relative importance we place on each factor.

If you want to accept our view, click on the "Use Default" button.

Attribute   Default Weighting
Your Weighting
Charges & costs
How safe is the pension
Integrating payroll & HR
At retirement
Employee communication
Overall weighted score 100 0

Selecting either the Use Default button or Submit your weightings button will move you to the next step. Submit your weightings Use Default

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