Assess - Choose - Protect

Choosing a pension is never easy but we've taken the stress out of it by doing all the complicated calculations and research for you.


Step 1. Assess your workforce

Tell us about your staff and we will tell you:

Who to enrol

Depending on their age and earnings, workers will be classified in different ways. Most companies will have workers that need to be enrolled, that means you must set up a pension scheme.

What the company pays

Employers must pay contributions for workers who meet certain criteria. There are minimum percentages you must pay and these percentages are based on certain definitions of pay.

What the employee pays

Employees will pay a percentage of their earnings into the chosen pension scheme. They will pay against the definition of pay that you decide. They can of course pay more than the minimum.


Step 2. Choose your Pension

We'll present you with your choices from the whole of the market


Instant quotes from providers

We will tell you who will offer you a pension and the price you and your staff will pay for each pension. In some cases the price depends on your specific circumstances.

Each quote is rated against 6 quality factors

These factors assess how easy the pension will be for you to use and which are likely to give the best outcomes for your staff.

Detailed factsheets on each provider

If you want to know more we provide detailed research using simple factsheets and straightforward reports.

Tailor your results using our filters

If there are specific features you wish to see in your pension use our filters to narrow down the list.

Share your work

You can hand over work you have done to a colleague or a client using a simple process unique to Pension PlayPen.

Download pdf reports

Everything you do can be downloaded into one of 4 documents that can sit in your document library.

Step 3. Due diligence

Futureproof your business

Once you have completed your work and chosen a pension you will get an actuarial certificate from First Actuarial. This certificate warrants that you have followed due process and chosen your pension with due diligence.

Heard enough?

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