01 Register with the Regulator

It is important that you nominate someone from your organisation to be the main point of contact on all auto-enrolment matters. The primary contact must be the most senior person within your organisation.  A secondary contact will be the person responsible for implementing auto-enrolment.

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02 Assess your workforce

If you have staff on PAYE it is very likely that you will have to enrol at least some of them. Use our free Workforce Assessment to see how your workforce is divided between Eligible jobholders, Non-eligible jobholders and Entitled workers and the cost of contributions into the scheme for each category. All these calculations are done for you and all you need to do is input some basic data into our system. Should you then decide to proceed with our Choose a Pension service this data will be pre-loaded. Note that all of your information which we hold will remain secure and fully confidential.

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03 Choose a pension

We have researched the market for workplace pensions and considered the differing requirements of each pension provider. Our system analyses your data and will quickly match you with those workplace pension providers willing to offer you a scheme. There is a charge for this service but you only need pay after we have confirmed how many providers are willing to offer you a quote.

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04 Integrate your payroll

Setting up auto-enrolment into a new pension scheme might lead to other complications like integration with your payroll systems or with the providers own systems used to manage contributions. These issues are best addressed early on. We will help you with the questions you need to ask of your payroll system provider and chosen pension provider.

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05 Auto-enrolment compliance

You can use our service to choose a pension with no obligation to purchase a scheme from your chosen provider. After you have chosen a scheme we will give you a package of reports and an Actuarial Certificate to confirm that your chosen scheme will comply with the rules and regulations for auto-enrolment and minimum terms required by the Regulator.

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06 Implementation and beyond

Auto-enrolment does not finish once you have made your first contribution. You will need to continue to pay regular contributions into the pension scheme, monitor the age and earnings of all staff and any new staff joining, process any opt-in, joining or opt-out requests, keep and maintain accurate records and re-enrol every three years.  Once your systems have been set up this will need to operate just like real-time PAYE and as part of your usual business process.

Workforce Assessment
Choose a pension
Become an agent

If you are a professional helping your client with auto-enrolment, Pension PlayPen can help you select a workplace pension scheme, produce a comprehensive suitability report and provide an actuarial certificate, all at a fraction of the price of traditional methods. With our easy to use Choose a Pension service you can keep your clients compliant in a highly cost effective way.

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